Sun Energy Today recently rebranded itself from its former name, Able Energy. With the new name and an attractive logo, the company wants to help anyone who wants solar energy for their home or business be able to get it. The site features a proprietary Solar Calculator designed to allow customers to quickly determine how solar can help them save money on energy and how going solar will help with carbon offset. They can calculate the approximate cost of going solar based on their location, utility, average electricity bill, and a few other factors, ultimately revealing their estimated savings over time.

Their programs make it easy to afford the right solar solution for most homeowners and businesses. While the company is determined to make attaining solar an easy process, customers will not sacrifice the quality of products, services, or warranties. They will receive the best-in-class technology and installation while attaining the security of producing their own sustainable energy. Along with quality solar panel installation, Sun Energy Today also offers solar storage, EV chargers, and energy management solutions.

Customers will receive:

  • Superior products = greater solar savings
  • The best-in-class product warranty
  • Local experts in quality & customer service
  • Easy approval — no credit score required

They are proud to be able to help most homeowners get the sustainable solar energy they need to reduce their utility costs through leases with no credit checks, solar loans, or cash sales.

“Our new name, look, and website helps us tell the story of just how affordable and what a great investment a solar energy system can be,” said Alex Herrera, CEO of Sun Energy Today. “We are passionate about helping everyone who wants or needs solar to be able to get it. If you can afford your energy bill, you can afford solar.”

Sun Energy Today is staffed and has the inventory to help as many Arizona homeowners and businesses make the switch to clean, sustainable energy as possible. To learn more, go to